VIDEO: 2011 Festival Recap











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(l to r: Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu, and Greg Tate talk visual art. Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC)

Didn’t make it to the Festival? No worries: Yes, we missed you, but all’s not lost: Check out a quick recap of the day, all in just over four minutes!






VIDEO: Dr. Irvin on Trends That Are Shaping The Future

Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC

The big takeaway after Dr. Irvin gave us this parade of statistics: In many ways, the future is already here. It’s not something yet to come, but transformations that have already taken place. Check it out:

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VIDEO: The Difference Between “Post-Racial” & “Post-Black”

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Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC

Here’s a quick snippet of the conversation from the Festival’s Closing Keynote Conversation: How To Be Black. In it panelists Toure, Amanda Seales, and Baratunde Thurston clear up misconceptions about these two very misunderstood terms. Check it out:

VIDEO: Tyehimba Jess Reimagines The Poetic Form

Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC

I wrote in the festival recap:

Imagine poetry that can be read top to bottom, bottom to top, in both directions across, and still make sense. That’s what Tyehimba Jess has created, all based on the Arabic ghazal form of poetry. He used the format to explore and illuminate the humanity of Bert Williams and George Walker, two of the best know vaudeville performers. It’d been explained to me what he was going to do, but nothing prepared me for his performance.

Unfortunately, part of the magic that the video doesn’t capture was that we were able to follow along because Tyehimba had the poem on the screen. So between his energetic performance and our being able to follow the cursor, we all saw the flexibility that the poem has to be performed several different ways.

You can check out the poem here: Williams-Walker Paradox7.

Onto the video:


VIDEO: Lynnette Freeman reads Danzy Senna

Photo credit: Ed web cam whatcom county Marshall Photography NYC

Really pleased that we were able to bring the literary experience alive in the festival in what I think was a fresh way. And we were able to do it thanks to the participation of both

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ringShout and The New Black Fest. These two organizations, representing literary fiction and theater, respectively, did all of the heavy lifting. ringShout selected the authors and works to be read, while The New Black Fest tapped into their network of actors and brought some wonderful talent against these pieces and brought them to life.

On the talent side, one of the three actors we engaged for the Festival was Lynnette Freeman (above). Because of some needed schedule changes, Lynnette unexpectedly found herself in the position of closing out the Festival. She handled both the reading and the schedule plus size free online dating service change with grace, and I’m going to be forever grateful to her for her flexibility and for delivering a great reading from an equally powerhouse writer’s work. Speaking of which, you can find out more about Danzy Senna, a New York Times bestselling author, here.

Here’s Lynnette reading an excerpt from “The Land of Beulah,” which is taken from Danzy’s collection You Are Free (Riverhead Books, 2011):


VIDEO: DJ 2-Tone Jones on “Shaolin Jazz”

Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC

DJ 2-Tone Jones offers a fascinating talk about all that went on during the development of Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber, the remix project he produced with Gerald Watson that blends the Wu-Tang Clan’s first album with classic jazz samples.

If you haven’t heard the project, you can download it here.

In the meantime, check out this video from his session:

The Shaolin Jazz project’s latest installment is an EP that mixes

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the Wu with music from the late Gil Scott-Heron. Get your download on here.

VIDEO: Dr. Nat Irvin II on the “Demographic Singularity”

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Photo recovering singles credit: Ed Marshall Photography NYC
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Dr. Irvin, our opening keynote speaker, really brought it. After nearly 40 minutes of blowing our heads separating the fact and fiction of what the future will be like, this five minute clip has him summarizing things. The important takeaways here are the mindset that we’ll all need in order to thrive in a future that, in many

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Check it out: